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Bruce Carrington Scores Scintillating Fourth Round Knockout Of Bernard Torres

Bruce Carrington
Bernard Angelo Torres
Bruce Carrington
Bernard Angelo Torres

 Bruce Carrington vs Bernard Angelo Torres
 10 Round Featherweight Bout
 Friday 16th February 2024
 Madison Square Garden, New York, USA
 Top Rank

In a scintillating display of skill and power, Bruce "Shu-Shu" Carrington delivered an electrifying knockout to secure a significant victory over Filipino Bernard Torres, marking a defining moment in his burgeoning career. Hailing from the storied boxing enclave of Brownsville in Brooklyn, Carrington entered the ring at Madison Square Garden with the weight of expectation, determined to make his mark on the sport's grand stage.

Carrington showcased his technical prowess from the opening bell as he methodically dissected Torres' southpaw style. Carrington's confidence grew with each passing round, allowing him to exhibit a swagger that belied his youth and relative inexperience in the ring. Carrington's dominance was evident by the third round, as Torres was increasingly on the defensive, unable to mount a significant offence.

However, Torres, recognising the need to seize the moment, became emboldened in the fourth round, launching a series of combinations to turn the tide in his favour. Yet, this audaciousness proved to be his undoing, as Carrington capitalised on an opening, unleashing a thunderous right cross that found its mark on Torres's jaw, sending him crashing to the canvas dramatically.

Referee Charlie Fitch, recognising the devastating impact of Carrington's blow, promptly halted the contest without completing the count, signalling an emphatic end to the bout at 2:59 of the fourth round. It was a knockout reminiscent of the classic moments that have defined the sport throughout history.

Following his spectacular victory and improving his undefeated record to 11-0 with seven knockouts, Carrington paid homage to Brownsville's most legendary son, Mike Tyson. 

For Carrington, this triumph represents more than just a victory in the ring—it is a statement of his potential and a testament to the rich legacy of boxing in Brownsville. As he continues his journey in the sport, Carrington's star rises, with each fight bringing him closer to fulfilling his dreams of championship glory.