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Adam Azim Gets Past Enock Poulsen On March To World Title Contention

Adam Azim
Enock Poulsen
Adam Azim
Enock Poulsen

 Adam Azim vs Enock Poulsen
 European Super-lightweight Title
 Saturday 3rd February 2024
 Wembley Arena, Wembley, London
 Sky Sports

Adam Azim successfully defended his European super lightweight title against Enock Poulsen, although the fight didn't yield the clean, highlight-reel finish that has become Azim's trademark.

Poulsen had previously held the European 140lb title in 2022 but had to relinquish it. He arrived in London determined to reclaim his championship.

In the opening round, both fighters aimed to establish their jabs. Poulsen displayed nimble footwork and maintained a safe distance, landing a left hook on Azim as the Slough champion exited an exchange. Azim, on the other hand, utilized his left hand and delivered a few quick left hooks, though they were blocked.

Azim's investment in his jab began to pay off in the second round. He consistently found the right range to connect with his right hand over Poulsen's low left hand. Poulsen remained composed, attempting to exchange punches with the 21-year-old champion, but he struggled to close the gap and land impactful shots.

Poulsen had set his strategy for a longer fight, keeping a tight guard and avoiding unnecessary risks. He focused on straightforward, straight shots and resisted being drawn into brawls. Azim continued to chip away at Poulsen, gauging distance with his left hand and looking for openings to attack both the head and body with his right.

The fight remained closely contested, with Poulsen losing rounds but possibly reserving energy for a late surge. Nevertheless, Azim appeared comfortable and didn't need to go beyond his second gear.

Unexpectedly, the fight took a decisive turn. During a close-quarters engagement, Poulsen threw a right hook that grazed Azim's arm and veered awkwardly upward. Realizing the all-too-familiar pain of a dislocated shoulder, Poulsen (14-1, 5 KO's) dropped to his knee and shook his head. Recognizing that he couldn't continue, he remained down for the count. Referee Anssi Perajoki stopped the fight at 2 minutes and 39 seconds of the fifth round.

The 21-year-old Azim (11-0, 8 KO's) now looks ahead to staying active and progressing towards the world-class level in the super lightweight division.