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16 years ago

Miguel Cotto vs Zab Judah

Miguel Cotto vs Zab Judah

Date: 9th June 2007

Venue: Madison Square Garden, New York

Title: WBA World Welterweight Title

Promoter: Top Rank

Tv: HBO Pay-per-view

Miguel Cotto
( 29 - 0 - 0 )
Weight: 146½ lbs

Zab Judah
( 34 - 4 - 0 )
Weight: 145 lbs

On Saturday, 9th June 2007, Madison Square Garden in New York City hosted the bout between Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto and American Zab Judah. Promoted by Top Rank and aired on HBO Pay-per-view, the WBA World Welterweight Title was on the line, with Cotto defending his title for the second time. Entering the fight, Cotto boasted an impressive record of 29-0-0, while Judah had a record of 34-4-0. Weighing in at 146½ lbs, Cotto was slightly heavier than his opponent, who tipped the scales at 145 lbs.

The fight was marked by a series of intense exchanges between the two boxers. In the third round, Cotto was deducted a point for delivering a low right hook. The physical toll of the match became increasingly evident as both fighters sustained injuries: Cotto suffered cuts on the right side of his mouth and above his right eye, while Judah was also cut above his right eye.

As the fight progressed, Cotto's powerful and accurate punches began to wear down Judah. In the ninth round, Judah took a knee, signalling his swollen right eye as the reason. 

In the eleventh round, Cotto's persistence paid off. Just 49 seconds into the round, Cotto landed a series of devastating blows that sent Judah stumbling into the ropes. Referee Arthur Mercante Jr. deemed Judah unable to continue, awarding Cotto a TKO victory and allowing him to successfully defend his WBA World Welterweight Title.

Hailing from Caguas, Puerto Rico, Miguel Cotto's victory further cemented his status as a dominant force in the welterweight division.

Miguel Cotto vs Zab Judah on YouTube

Miguel Cotto vs Zab Judah

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