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Michael Moorer vs Evander Holyfield

Michael Moorer vs Evander Holyfield

Date: 22nd April 1994

Venue: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada

Title: WBA & IBF World Heavyweight Titles

Promoter: Dino Duva, Carl Moretti


Michael Moorer
( 34 - 0 - 0 )
Weight: 214 lbs

Evander Holyfield
( 30 - 1 - 0 )
Weight: 214 lbs

On April 22, 1994, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, the boxing world witnessed a significant upset when Michael Moorer defeated Evander Holyfield to claim the WBA and IBF World Heavyweight Titles. The match, promoted by Dan Duva of Main Events and announced by Michael Buffer, was broadcast on TVKO in the USA and Sky Sports in the UK, drawing a global audience to one of the most memorable heavyweight bouts of the 1990s.

Coming into the fight, Holyfield, weighing 214 pounds, was seen as the favourite with odds of 2 to 1. This fight marked Holyfield's first with Don Turner in his corner as both trainer and cutman, having controversially dismissed his longtime cutman, Ace Marotta, over financial disagreements. Despite the change, Holyfield faced an uphill battle against Moorer, who weighed 214 pounds and was determined to make his mark in the heavyweight division.

The bout was closely contested, with Judge Dalby Shirley scoring it a draw at 114-114, while Jerry Roth and Chuck Giampa saw Moorer as the winner, with scores of 115-114 and 116-112, respectively. The fight had its dramatic moments, notably in the second round when Holyfield managed to drop Moorer with a left hook, which could have swayed the fight in his favour if scored differently. Moorer, however, was resilient, managing to open a cut over Holyfield's left eye by the fifth round and landing 47% of his punches compared to Holyfield's 30%.

Following the fight, Holyfield was hospitalised due to dehydration, a rotator cuff injury, and a kidney bruise, which led to a diagnosis of a non-compliant left ventricle. This health scare prompted Holyfield to announce his retirement, though he later returned to the ring after receiving a clean bill of health from the Mayo Clinic. The situation surrounding Holyfield's health sparked discussions, including allegations related to possible growth hormone use, although Holyfield consistently denied such claims.

Moorer's victory over Holyfield not only shifted the landscape of the heavyweight division but also underscored the unpredictability and drama inherent in the sport of boxing. Despite the controversies and health concerns that emerged post-fight, the Moorer vs Holyfield clash remains a significant chapter in boxing history.

Michael Moorer vs Evander Holyfield on YouTube

Michael Moorer vs Evander Holyfield

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