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Michael Dokes vs Mike Weaver II

Michael Dokes vs Mike Weaver 2

Date: 20th May 1983

Venue: Dunes Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Title: WBA World Heavyweight Title

Promoter: Don King Productions


Michael Dokes
( 26 - 0 - 1 )
Weight: 223 lbs

Mike Weaver
( 24 - 10 - 0 )
Weight: 218½ lbs

On May 20, 1983, Michael Dokes and Mike Weaver met to rematch their controversial first fight, again battling for the WBA Heavyweight Title at the Dunes Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The bout, part of a historic triple-header that included Larry Holmes vs. Tim Witherspoon for the WBC Heavyweight Title, was a closely contested affair that ended in a majority draw.

As in their first encounter, Dokes and Weaver came out aggressively from the opening bell, engaging in furious exchanges. Dokes appeared to have the upper hand early on, winning the first round despite injuring his left hand. However, Weaver began to take control as the fight progressed, hurting Dokes with a powerful left hook in the ninth round.

Despite Dokes' defensive tactics and Weaver's cuts, the challenger applied pressure, landing several effective body shots in the 13th and 14th rounds. By the final round, both fighters were visibly fatigued but maintained a high output until the closing bell.

The decision was controversial, as many ringside observers believed Weaver had done enough to win the fight. Unofficial scorecards from the Associated Press, United Press International, and the Los Angeles Times had Weaver ahead by narrow margins. However, the official judges' scorecards were split, with Jerry Roth scoring the bout 145-141 for Dokes, while Larry Hazzard and Harold Lederman had it even at 144-144 and 143-143, respectively. As a result, the fight was declared a majority draw, allowing Dokes to retain his WBA title.

Many boxing enthusiasts consider the Dokes-Weaver rematch a classic. Both fighters displayed tremendous heart and determination throughout the gruelling 15-round contest. The draw decision marked the first time in 69 years that a world Heavyweight championship fight had ended in such a manner.

The controversy surrounding the rematch's outcome further added to the intrigue of the Dokes-Weaver rivalry, with both fights marred by disputed decisions. Despite the unsatisfactory conclusion, the rematch solidified the pair's place in boxing history, showcasing their skills and resilience in one of the era's most memorable Heavyweight title bouts.

Michael Dokes vs Mike Weaver 2 on YouTube

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