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Marvin Hagler vs Juan Domingo Roldan

Marvin Hagler vs Juan Domingo Roldan

Date: 30th March 1984

Venue: Riviera Hotel & Casino, SuperStar Center, Las Vegas

Title: WBC, WBA & IBF World Middleweight Titles

Promoter: Bob Arum


Marvin Hagler
( 58 - 2 - 2 )
Weight: 159 1/4 lbs

Juan Domingo Roldan
( 52 - 2 - 2 )
Weight: 159 1/4 lbs

Middleweight Juan Domingo Roldan, the WBA's No1 contender to champion Marvin Hagler, cemented his place as the next inline when he brutally knocked out Frank "The Animal" Fletcher In the 6th round of their nationally televised 10-rounder at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas four months earlier.

Roldan had both good power and strength in abundance, he could also take a good shot, and so were those that believed he might give Hagler some tough moments. When Hagler went down from a cuffing left hook to the head in the 1st round it looked like the Argentine just might have the tools to test Marvellous Marvin who was making the 9th defence of the undisputed world middleweight title.

Of course, Hagler had seen tough opposition start strong and wilt as the fight went on many times before in his previous 62 professional bouts and in the 3rd round he dropped Roldan and caught him with a big left uppercut that caused his right eye to close. Welcome to the elite level Mr Roldan.

The challenger was competitive up until the 9th round. He always kept the champion honest. Hagler couldn't ignore the Argentinian's power, but with his eye completely closed and taking more and more of the champion's heavy blows he looked in a sorry state in his corner. And in the 10th, Hagler dropped Roldan onto the seat of his pants. When he rose, Roldan let referee Tony Perez know that he didn't want to continue. It was all over at 0:39 of the round.

Marvin Hagler vs Juan Domingo Roldan on YouTube

Marvin Hagler vs Juan Domingo Roldan

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