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Marvin Hagler vs Caveman Lee

Marvin Hagler vs Caveman Lee

Date: 7th March 1982

Venue: Ballys Park Place Hotel Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Title: WBC & WBA World Middleweight Titles

Promoter: Bob Arum

Tv: ABC Sports

Marvin Hagler
( 53 - 2 - 2 )
Weight: 158 lbs

Caveman Lee
( 21 - 2 - 0 )
Weight: 159 1/2 lbs

Ballys Park Place Hotel Casino in Atlantic City was host to undisputed world middleweight champion Marvin Hagler's 4th title defence and his first and last visit as a professional boxer to the boardwalk city.

In the opposite corner was Caveman Lee (real name, William Lee) a 26-year-old from Detroit, Michigan whose biggest name opponent was Frank "The Animal" Fletcher who knocked Caveman out in 4 rounds in July 1980.

At the 1st bell, Lee came forward with the clear intention of meeting the champion head-on. This strategy didn't last long as Hagler caught his challenger with a hard jab from his southpaw stance, realising that Lee was stunned by the shot, Hagler bounced forward, catching Lee with a hard left hand as he came off the ropes. The shot dropped Caveman on his knees in centre ring.

After the 8 count from referee Larry Hazard Jr, Marvin battered Lee along the ropes until a hard right hook dropped the beleaguered challenger into the ropes leading referee Hazzard to call a halt to proceedings at 1:07 of the 1st round.

On April 23, 1982, Hagler legally changed his name from Marvin Nathaniel Hagler to Marvelous Marvin Hagler.

Marvin Hagler vs Caveman Lee on YouTube

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