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22 years ago

Joe Calzaghe vs Will McIntyre

Joe Calzaghe vs Will McIntyre

Date: 13th October 2001

Venue: Parken, Copenhagen, Denmark

Title: WBO World Super-middleweight Title

Promoter: Bettina Palle

Tv: Sky Sports, Showtime

Joe Calzaghe
( 31 - 0 - 0 )
Weight: 167 1/2 lbs

Will McIntyre
( 29 - 2 - 0 )
Weight: 167 1/2 lbs

Joe Calzaghe's 9th world title defence came on a huge card in Copenhagen that included Mike Tyson Ray Mercer, Mikkel Kessler, Johnny Bredhal, Brian Neilson and Carlos Baldomir. This was the first time that the champion had fought outside of the United Kingdom in his professional career.

American challenger McIntyre had only ever faced two name opponents, Omar Sheika and Dana Rosenblatt, losing on both occasions, so he had no real credentials to be facing an unbeaten, tested champion at the peak of his career.

From the 1st bell Calzaghe's ring generalship, accurate jab and all-round punch-picking proved way too much for the game but completely outclassed American, and by the 3rd round McIntyre was looking busted up and when a huge Calzaghe uppercut took the challengers legs away, referee Rudy Battle issue the first eight count of McIntyre's career.

At the bell to start the 4th round, Calzaghe carried on where he left off in the previous round, catching the challenger with hurtful shots until another big uppercut from the champion knocked McIntyre to the canvas. As the brave challenger rose to his feet, referee Battle mercifully waved the slaughter off at 0:45 of the round.

Joe Calzaghe vs Will McIntyre on YouTube

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