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20 years ago

Joe Calzaghe vs Mger Mkrtchyan

Joe Calzaghe vs Mger Mkrtchyan

Date: 21st February 2004

Venue: National Ice Rink, Cardiff, Wales

Title: WBO World Super-middleweight Title

Promoter: Frank Warren

Tv: Sky Sports

Joe Calzaghe
( 36 - 0 - 0 )
Weight: 167 3/4 lbs

Mger Mkrtchyan
( 18 - 1 - 0 )
Weight: 167 1/2 lbs

Armenian-born Mger Mkrtchyan came into Calzaghe's 14th title defence as the No1 challenger. The pair were due to meet on December 6th but the champion had to pull out due to a bout of flu.

Mkrtchyan took the WBO No1 spot by travelling to Texas and stopping Freeman Barr in 3 rounds. There are no other notable names on the St Petersburg-based Armenians record.

In the early rounds, Calzaghe looked to take his opponent out with sustained two-handed attacks but Mkrtchyan was strong, rugged and determined. The champion realised that he needed to break down his challenger down and boxed at long range, picking his opponent off with fast jabs from his southpaw stance.

By the 6th round, Mkrtchyan was in perpetual retreat, forced back by the champion's accurate shots and he started to show the signs of a man that could see no way to win.

In the 7th round, Calzaghe dropped the challenger by the ropes and when he got up and wobbled on shaky legs, referee Paul Thomas took the opportunity to wave proceedings off at 1:05 of the round.

Joe Calzaghe vs Mger Mkrtchyan on YouTube

Joe Calzaghe vs Mger Mkrtchyan

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