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18 years ago

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Sharmba Mitchell

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Sharmba Mitchell

Date: 19th November 2005

Venue: Rose Garden, Portland, Oregon

Title: 12 round Welterweight Bout

Promoter: Goossen Boxing


Floyd Mayweather Jr
( 34 - 0 - 0 )
Weight: 147 lbs

Sharmba Mitchell
( 56 - 4 - 0 )
Weight: 145ΒΌ lbs

In a non-title fight, Floyd Mayweather Jr faced off against Sharmba Mitchell on Saturday, November 19th, 2005, at the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. Promoted by Main Events, Mayweather was guaranteed a purse of $4.3 million for the bout. The referee for the fight was Richard Steele, and the judges were Duane Ford, Jim Howard, and Greg Baker. The ring announcer was Jimmy Lennon Jr., and the fight was aired on HBO World Championship Boxing.

The two fighters were in the welterweight division, with Mayweather weighing in at 147 pounds and Mitchell at 145 pounds. From the beginning, Mayweather showed his dominance with his superior punch placement and slipperiness. Mitchell struggled to keep up with Mayweather's speed and power, and by the sixth round, Mayweather had taken control of the fight.

At 2:06 into the sixth round, Mayweather landed a devastating punch that sent Mitchell to the canvas. Although Mitchell was able to get back up, he was clearly shaken and unable to continue. The referee called the fight, declaring Mayweather the winner by technical knockout.

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Sharmba Mitchell on YouTube

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Sharmba Mitchell

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