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Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Gregorio Vargas

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Gregorio Vargas

Date: 18th March 2000

Venue: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada

Title: WBC World Super-featherweight Title

Promoter: Top Rank

Tv: HBO Sports

Floyd Mayweather Jr
( 22 - 0 - 0 )
Weight: 130 lbs

Gregorio Vargas
( 40 - 6 - 1 )
Weight: 130 lbs

Floyd Mayweather Jr successfully defended his WBC World Super-featherweight Title against Mexican fighter Gregorio Vargas in a twelve-round bout on Saturday, 18th March 2000, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The fight was dominated by Mayweather, who controlled the pace from the beginning and showcased his superior speed and footwork. Vargas struggled to find his rhythm, and despite a few moments of success in the early rounds, was outclassed by his opponent. Mayweather landed several combinations and showed excellent defensive skills, slipping and dodging most of Vargas' punches.

In the sixth round, Mayweather landed a devastating left to the body that sent Vargas to the canvas. Vargas managed to get up but was visibly hurt and struggled to regain his composure. Mayweather continued to attack, but Vargas managed to survive the round.

From that point on, Mayweather was in complete control, and Vargas was unable to mount any significant offense. Mayweather was content to cruise along on his superior speed and footwork, happy to just hit and run. Vargas tried to close the distance, but Mayweather's footwork allowed him to stay out of range.

The fight went the distance, and Mayweather won easily on all three judges' scorecards. John Keane and Daniel Van de Wiele both scored it 119-108, while Chuck Giampa had it 118-109. Mayweather's dominance was reflected in the judges' scores, and he retained his WBC World Super-featherweight Title.

After the fight, Mayweather spoke to reporters, saying that he had gone into the fight with both his right hand and wrist hurting. He credited his footwork for allowing him to avoid Vargas' punches and said that he moved around more than usual because he didn't want to get hit. Despite his injuries, Mayweather showed his class and skill, dominating Vargas and retaining his title.

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Gregorio Vargas on YouTube

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Gregorio Vargas

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