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Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Carlos Hernandez

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Carlos Hernandez

Date: 26th May 2001

Venue: Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Title: WBC World Super-featherweight Title

Promoter: Top Rank

Tv: HBO Sports

Floyd Mayweather Jr
( 25 - 0 - 0 )
Weight: 130 lbs

Carlos Hernandez
( 33 - 2 - 1 )
Weight: 128½ lbs

On Saturday, May 26th, 2001, Floyd Mayweather Jr. faced Carlos Hernandez at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the 7th defense of his WBC World Super-featherweight Title. Mayweather, entering the fight with an unblemished record of 25-0, experienced one of the most challenging nights of his career as he dealt with injuries to both hands. Despite the setbacks, Mayweather managed to secure a victory, extending his record to 26-0.

The early rounds saw Mayweather's superior boxing skills on display as he landed a high percentage of his punches. However, the tide shifted in the sixth round when Mayweather connected a left hook to Hernandez's head, causing him visible pain. He turned away, bent over, and touched the canvas with his left glove. Referee Dale Grable ruled the incident as a knockdown and administered an eight count to Mayweather, marking the only knockdown in his professional career. Despite the adversity, Mayweather continued to battle on and maintained control of the fight.

Mayweather later revealed that he entered the fight with "two messed up hands" and had received novocaine shots in both hands prior to the bout. Despite the numbing effects of the medication, the pain became increasingly evident as the match progressed, impacting his performance.

Throughout the fight, Mayweather landed 241 of 520 punches (46%), while Hernandez connected with 172 of 676 (25%). In the 12th round, Hernandez received a point deduction for elbowing. Despite the physical challenges Mayweather faced, his superior boxing skills and determination ultimately led him to victory.

Scores: Marty Sammon 116-111 | Peter Trematerra 119-109 | Bob Watson 117-109

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Carlos Hernandez on YouTube

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Carlos Hernandez

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