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Evander Holyfield vs Ossie Ocasio

Evander Holyfield vs Ossie Ocasio

Date: 15th August 1987

Venue: Parking de Nouveau Port, Saint-Tropez, France

Title: WBA & IBF World Heavyweight Titles

Promoter: Michel Acaries, Main Events

Tv: Showtime Championship Boxing

Evander Holyfield
( 15 - 0 - 0 )
Weight: 189 lbs

Ossie Ocasio
( 21 - 4 - 1 )
Weight: 190 lbs

On August 15, 1987, in the scenic coastal town of Saint-Tropez, France, Evander Holyfield defended his World Boxing Association Cruiserweight Title for the third time, alongside his first defence of the International Boxing Federation Cruiserweight Title, against Ossie Ocasio. Holyfield, weighing in at 189 lbs, brought an undefeated record of 15-0 into the ring against the 31-year-old Ocasio, who weighed in at 190 lbs and held a record of 31-5.

The fight, set against the unusual backdrop of Parking de Nouveau Port, was scheduled for 15 rounds but concluded in the 11th, marking Holyfield's lengthiest cruiserweight title defence at that point. Holyfield, known for his aggressive style, dominated the match, with judges scoring heavily in his favour—Fernando Viso and Contimanza Amadeo both scored the bout 99-94, while Antonio Requena gave Holyfield an even wider margin of 100-92.

The pivotal moment came in the 11th round when Holyfield, unleashing a combination of precision and power, landed a solid right to Ocasio's cheek, followed by a left uppercut and another right, sending Ocasio staggering back. Despite Ocasio's resilience—he managed to get up from an eight-count—Holyfield maintained his onslaught, cornering Ocasio against the ropes. Referee John Coyle intervened at 1:24 into the round, halting the fight as Holyfield's combinations continued to land without return, securing a TKO victory for Holyfield.

This victory solidified Holyfield's dominance in the cruiserweight division and underscored his readiness for the heavyweight ranks. The Associated Press reported Holyfield's victory, noting the 24-year-old American's undefeated streak while highlighting Ocasio's brave but ultimately overwhelming effort.

Evander Holyfield vs Ossie Ocasio on YouTube

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