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Alexis Arguello vs Andrew Ganigan

Alexis Arguello vs Andrew Ganigan

Date: 22nd May 1982

Venue: The Aladdin, Las Vegas, Nevada

Title: WBC World Lightweight Title

Promoter: Azteca Promotions

Tv: CBS Sports

Alexis Arguello
( 70 - 5 - 0 )
Weight: 134¾ lbs

Andrew Ganigan
( 34 - 3 - 0 )
Weight: 135 lbs

On Saturday, 22nd May 1982, the boxing world witnessed an electrifying showdown between Alexis Arguello and Andrew Ganigan at The Aladdin in Las Vegas. The WBC World Lightweight Title bout, promoted by Azteca Promotions and officiated by referee Carlos Padilla, featured Alexis Arguello from Managua, Nicaragua, defending his title for the fourth time. Entering the match with a record of 70-5-0 and weighing 134¾ lbs, Arguello faced the hard-hitting southpaw, Andrew Ganigan of Waipahu, Hawaii, who had a record of 34-3-0 and weighed in at 135 lbs.

The fight commenced with Ganigan living up to his reputation as a hard puncher. He floored Arguello with a short left hand at the end of the first round, setting the stage for a thrilling battle.

Arguello managed to weather Ganigan's onslaught and began to stage his comeback. He responded to Ganigan's aggressive offense by accelerating his own attacks and pushing the challenger back.

As the fight progressed, Arguello and Ganigan continued to engage in a fierce back-and-forth, with both fighters landing significant blows. However, Ganigan's wild swings and overzealous offense left him vulnerable to counterattacks. Arguello capitalized on these openings, dropping Ganigan in the third round with a long right hand. The Hawaiian contenders rose right away and didn't look hurt but at the end of the round, he was again tagged by a big backhand from the champion.

In the fifth round, Arguello seized his opportunity and landed another long right hand that dropped Ganigan by the ropes near the end of the round. His cornerman wiped his face with the towel as he lay being counted by referee Carlos Padilla who waved the fight off at 3:09, putting an end to the contest.

Alexis Arguello vs Andrew Ganigan on YouTube

Alexis Arguello vs Andrew Ganigan

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